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Version: 1.2.0
Date: 20/10/2014
Size: 0.8MB
Price: Free
Compatibility: OS X Lion
OS X Mountain Lion
OS X Mavericks

MacFileSafeguard is a user-friendly security software that you can use to control who is able to access your files and folders. By locking your files with passwords, other users are restricted from opening, editing or deleting your personal records. The sub-folders and files in a locked folder are also protected when using MacFileSafeguard.

MacFileSafeguard does not modify or encrypt the protected files, thus it will never slow down the system, and will not endanger your data.

MacFileSafeguard provides a flexible and easy to use editor that allows users to setup permissions. MacFileSafeguard permissions allow or prevent a user's ability to read, write and delete files and folders. When a permission has been set on a folder, all the files within the folder and its subfolders are protected with the permission as well.

Your permission are all controlled from the MacFileSafeguard system toolbar found at the top of your screen. The icon indicates that the permissions are on and the icon indicates that the permissions are off. Starting and stopping your permissions are all controlled from the drop-down menu, which appears after selecting the icon.

The MacFileSafeguard installation application allows you to install and uninstall the program from your computer with ease. In order to accomplish this task, you must start the MacFileSafeguard installation application and selecting the option you wish to perform - install or uninstall.

If you forget your password, or experience other problems, simply uninstall MacFileSafeguard to quickly restore access to your protected files and folders.