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Version: 1.2.0
Date: 20/10/2014
Size: 1.4MB
Price: Free
Compatibility: OS X Lion
OS X Mountain Lion
OS X Mavericks

MacPermitWizard is a powerful security software that you can use to control the access to files, folders. You can lock your personal files with passwords by creating simple and flexible MacPermitWizard permissions, in order to stop other users from peeking into your record. Moreover, you can protect sensitive system files from modification or destruction.

A locked files or folders are visible to users, but are protected from access by MacPermitWizard permissions. None can read, write or delete the locked file or folder. The sub-folders and files in a locked folder are also protected.

MacPermitWizard can use to control applications execution processes, and prohibit the execution of critical programs and system utilities. None can execute the locked application or utility.

MacPermitWizard does not modify or encrypt the protected files, thus it will never slow down the system, and will not endanger your data.

MacPermitWizard provides a flexible and easy to use editor that allows users to setup permissions. MacPermitWizard permissions allow or prevent a user's ability to read, write, delete and execute files and folders. Folder permissions are applied to all the files within the folder and subfolders.

MacPermitWizard supports Global and User set of permissions. A Global permissions can only be created and managed by the system administrator, as they hold valid for all users on a computer. A User permissions are more flexible, as they can be created by anyone, but only limits access to files or folders within a user's account alone.

You can control all your permissions from the MacPermit Wizard system toolbar. The icon indicates that the User or Global permissions are on and the icon indicates that the User and Global permissions are off. You can start or stop the MacPermitWizard User or Global permissions, by clicking the relevant option from the drop-down menu, which appears after selecting the icon.

The MacPermitWizard installation application allows you to install and uninstall the program from your computer with ease. In order to accomplish this task, you must start the MacPermitWizard installation application and selecting the option you wish to perform - install or uninstall.

If you forget your password, or experience other problems, simply uninstall MacPermitWizard to quickly restore access to your protected files and folders.